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    Orlando, FL

    Sharon is a 40-year-old with two minor children, ages 15 and 13. The younger child has been diagnosed with ADHD and requires extensive therapy.

  • She lives with a partner, the minor children and her 19-year-old daughter in Orlando.


    When her oldest daughter turned 18, she lost her Medicaid and has been unable to regain it. She believes this is because her income exceeds Medicaid limits.


    Although her two minor children have Medicaid, Ms. Martinez only has “share of cost,” which she states covers emergency care health costs that exceed $1000. She is responsible for routine healthcare costs.

    Ms. Martinez works 35 hours a week at a car rental agency and does not receive healthcare through her employer because she says a third party employs her.

  • She says she earns approximately $2100 a month. Due to her son’s special needs and therapy, she had to cut back her work hours this year.


    Although she is healthy now, she would like to have health insurance so she can have her annual exams, including breast exams and PAP smears, so she can stay healthy to take care of her minor children and work. She has no medical debt.

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