• Miriam | Hialeah, FL


    Miami, FL


    While dealing with breast cancer, medical debt, and COVID- related job loss, Miriam and her children are grateful for Medicaid.

  • Miriam, a single mom and breast cancer survivor, is profoundly grateful for many things--including the Medicaid coverage her children receive. Her two children were born in this country and are covered by Medicaid. It’s not only Miriam who is grateful for her children’s health and health coverage; her kids are too. “My kids know what Medicaid is and what this great country is. They are grateful,” she says. 


    She speaks glowingly about her two sons. Her oldest, Victor (18) just finished high school and her second, Brandon (15), attends a specialized high school preparing him for a job in the aviation industry. The pride in her voice is clear: “my son has been on the honor roll for years and is going to university in the future.” Even when talking about her fight with cancer and the Covid-19 pandemic and her ongoing billing hassles, Miriam prioritizes gratitude for her children’s health coverage.

    “It would have been terrible if my kids did not have coverage under Medicaid.

    I thank Medicaid for taking care of my kids,” Miriam says.

  • Without it, Miriam could not have paid for her kids’ medicines and checkups. “Even though they didn’t have their father with them, they knew that their country was taking care of them and their needs,” she says.