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    Age 62



    Adrienne Turner is a retiree. She moved to Florida a few years ago to take care of her mother. Adrienne did not make this decision lightly, as it meant taking early retirement and giving up her steady benefits.

  • While taking care of her mother she realized that something was wrong with her own body.


    “I was in so much pain, and I was so scared for myself and my mom,” Adrienne said. “How can I take care of her, if I am not well?” She was ultimately diagnosed with both kidney stones, and high blood pressure.

    "Adrienne doesn’t qualify for Medicaid, nor does she yet qualify for Medicare. Because she had no health coverage at the time of the surgery to remove her kidney stones,

    she is saddled with significant medical debt."

  • Further, without coverage or the money to spend on additional medical bills, her high blood pressure is neither monitored regularly nor treated. Adrienne also needs routine dental care which she has foregone, as well as chronic knee pain for which she receives no care. The inability to care for herself has taken a heavy emotional toll. While employment might be a pathway to benefits, she worries about leaving her mom alone.


    Adrienne understands that she will only be able to be fully present for her mother when she is pain free herself. She also knows that having medical coverage would truly relieve her of the stresses of her own health, giving her the emotional strength she craves while she supports her mother.


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