• Adriana

    Orange County, FL


    Adriana Lasanta Bondy is a 42-year-old single mother of two minor children, ages 15 and 10. She moved to the Orlando area two years ago after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico.

  • After the storm, her neighborhood was left without power. She spent three days in her car with her children looking for gas and food. She and her children survived on protein bars and water.


    “I was so scared for my children,” Adriana said. “I felt it wasn’t safe to stay there any longer.” Since she had relatives in Florida, she decided to move her family temporarily until Puerto Rico could get back to normal. She sold her car and gave away her possessions and moved to the Orlando area.

    Adriana has a PHD in psychology from the University of Puerto Rico but has been unable to renew her license in Florida. She is working as a contract employee for a company that provides counseling services to Orange County public school students. Her employer pays her on a per-client basis, and does not provide health insurance.


    Because her income has fluctuated since she arrived in Florida, so too has her Medicaid eligibility revoked. Although she qualified for Medicaid when she first arrived two years ago, as her income rose after a month, she lost her eligibility. Just recently, after a summertime drop in income, she qualified once again. Given her unsteady income, she is afraid this cycle will continue and that as she receives additional clients in a given month, she will lose her Medicaid.

    Though her access to health coverage fluctuates, her need for health care is consistent as Adriana has various ongoing medical issues. A mammogram taken this summer was abnormal and the doctor’s office told to come back in six months.

  • She has also suffered all her life from gastrointestinal issues, including GERT and diverticulitis. She has a high tolerance for pain and is often unaware of a flare-up until it has become well-advanced. If she had ongoing care, she could be monitored to avoid emergency situations. She must stay healthy in order to work and provide for her children.


    Adriana would also like to go back to school in order to obtain her Florida practice license. With an in-state license she could get a job with better pay and health insurance, but the cost of school is currently out of reach. Adriana hopes to have reliable healthcare coverage so she can access the routine medical care her conditions as needed, and receive the necessary follow up to her worrisome mammogram. This would be one less stress, as she struggles to pay her bills, save money to go back to school and raise her two sons as a single mom.

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